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Dorian Karthauser - My Pandamonium Marketing-SEOSocial Media DIY Training Classes and Seminars are taught by Dorian Karthauser, owner of Social Media DIY  and DFW Business Websites.

Dorian has been successfully training scores of happy students for 10+ years. As a graduate of The Comedy Gym (training for stand-up comedians), Dorian’s classes are entertaining, never boring and fun!

Dorian was formerly an Instructor in the Collin College Internet Technology Program; teaching Social Media Marketing Technologies, WordPress, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Business and more.

 Student Reviews of Classes

“The insight we gained during our (DIY) consultation with Dorian was worth every penny – and more!”

Linda Allen

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I recently attended a WordPress class produced by Dorian. The class was very information and she kept our attention at all times. Dorian has a world of knowledge about WordPress and I would highly recommend her for any WordPress training or consulting you may need.

TriState Consultants

Study the Code

Frank Morris CBO, CEAP, MCP, CFM
Tri-State Consultants and Studythecode.com

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Collin College Internet Marketing Class, May 2012

“I would rate your teaching skills 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend to others, you managed to get excellent group interaction right from the beginning. The course was interesting, informative, very well presented and very relevant to our work. Well done Dorian!”

Adonis Nieves

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Not only is Dorian an expert teacher/instructor, her enthusiasm for her subject (in my case, WordPress) is absolutely contagious. After an intensive teaching session, I couldn’t wait to get back to my office to implement the ideas and techniques she shared! I highly recommend Dorian for teaching and consultation, and I’m hoping to grow my own business enough to be able to turn over my internet marketing to her capable care.

Linda Sewell

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