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Social Media DIY: Where To Start?Social Media DIY - It's Not This Difficult!

You Want Social Media Marketing.

You Need It. Now.

Where do you begin?



Social Media DIY to the Rescue –
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Three Urgent Reasons to Start 2016: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)

For good or (even better) superior SEO – you need Social Media Marketing. It is no longer a ‘I don’t know’ item. In 2012 and going forward – Social Media Marketing is a business necessity. You would not ‘do without’ a telephone or website. In 2013, business cannot do without social media marketing.

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Google Updates

In Sept 2013, Google released the Hummingbird Update to its Search Algorithm. To Read More about Google and SEO, click here.

The previous Panda and Google Penguin Update targeted webspam and its removal from Google Search Results.

Another effect of Google Hummingbird: Social Media now has a more direct and immediate impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We tell our clients: Are you considering using Social Media Marketing in your business? Still thinking about it but not really doing anything in social media for your business?

Here’s three Reasons to begin now: S, E and O (SEO).

Scared? Don’t Be: Learn to DIY

Like most things – Social Media Marketing is easy: once you know how. Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy that works for you 24/7 is possible. It is not rocket science or smoke and mirrors.

Social Media Marketing strategy will be unique for each business. And yes: There is such a thing as ‘good enough’ social media marketing for busy business owners.

  • Best Practices
    [Note: While ‘anyone’ can do social media – if you aren’t aware of the SEO implications in using social media – you are losing time and money.]
  • Organizing your information
  • Choosing the best tools
  • Focusing on getting your audience to take interest to read (and act on!) your content.
  • And, How To Have Fun creating your website and/or content!

Reasons to get Social Media DIY (Do It Yourself) Training

  1. Save money by Doing It Yourself
  2. Save money by sending staff members in marketing, sales or admin (and have them do the social media).
  3. Social Media Consumer: Protect Yourself
  4. Thinking of hiring a social media or advertising firm to do your Social Media?
    a. Know what Social Media Marketing is all about and what your company actually needs
    b. Know what to ask when engaging a social media firm
    c. Know best Practices in Social Media


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